Monday, 19 July 2010

QVC Order...... OPI All A Flutter For Summer!

I recently ordered the OPI 'All a flutter for summer' collection from QVC. This summer collection is butterfly orientated (which is quite suprising for me to like, as i have some weirdo phobia of butterflies/moths/ladybirds..., any insect that can fly really!)

Im super excited to try it out! I should get them tomorrow. Will try each colour out and keep you posted! I have been using the Matte nail envy for a while now, and have never tried the actual polishes from OPI. I have heard great reviews about them, so i have high expectations!

Review - MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

I recently purchased MAC's studio sculpt in shade NC25 (as recommended by the MUA). What can i say? The foundation was such a disappointment to me. The application went on smoothly, and seemed to be looking really good (if i may say so myself!). Fast forward 3 hours..... foundation? what foundation?! It had totally come clean off my face! My skin is typically normal/dry and this foundation made it an oily mess! I very rarely suffer with oily skin, so this came as a shock to me, as did the spots which followed.....